Welcome to Philly Beer Week

A 10 Day Celebration of Beer in America's Best Beer-Drinking City

bear with hammer
DRWC Spruce Park

What's On Tap?

Sunday Sept. 21
Heavy Seas   Loose Cannon
Dominion   Oktoberfest
Evolution   Jaques au Lantern
Duclaw 31   Pumpkin
Stillwater   Cellar Door

Too Early For Pumpkin Beer?

Yes   -       47%
No   -       45%
They make pumpkin beer?   -       8%

Total Votes: 116

Latest News

8/27/2014     "Germantown Cartel" Host Bus Tour
8/08/2014     Beers Brewed With Some Very Strange Ingredients
7/26/2014     Drink & Stay at the Dogfish Inn

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